Recipe book – The Secrets of a French Pastry Chef for making amazing French pastries!

There are quite a few e-books available today with pastry recipes for everyone. But this one is really original!

Recipe ebook - the secrets of a french pastry chef

The e-book consists of 115 illustrated pages of more than 40 recipes of the best French pastries.

Each recipe is clearly and simply explained in order to assist you, step by step, in making delicious French desserts – as if the author, Gregory Taounhaer, were with you in your kitchen.

All the professional tips and tricks of will be revealed to you by Gregory himself, a pastry chef who owned his own shop in Thailand.


Summary of the e-book

Sumary of the recipe ebook - the secrets of a french pastry chef

What makes this book so unique

  • The recipes of the best pastries you can find in bakeries are explained
  • Simple instructions allow both beginning novices and more experienced bakers to easily follow along with each step of the recipes
  • The e-book is actually a PDF that can be read anywhere: on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Thus, it is easy to have at your fingertips in your kitchen or wherever you may beCahier de Recettes on iPad
  • It shows you all the problems you may run into while making a specific recipe and offers solutions for avoiding or overcoming them
  • It outlines the equipment and utensils that are needed in order to make the different recipes at home (and suggests substitute tools should you not have the right one)
  • All the secrets of a professional pastry chef are unveiled for each recipe
  • A simple, clickable index so you can instantly find the recipe you want.

Price and payment methods

By clicking on the button above, you can buy the ebook via Paypal (secure payment platform).

What is the bonus for those who purchase the e-book?

You can share your pastry achievements with Gregory. If you have any problem, Gregory will help you solve it! You have 5 free opportunities to communicate directly with him.

Testimonials from people who have bought the e-book:

Helen L.
I already have many books of pastry, but I am what one can call an “enthusiast” and so I had to buy this one.
I have not been disappointed! This book is very well explained and complete with lots of recipes. I did not mishaps any recipe because the e-book specifies the type of flour to use for each recipe (useful for beginners), baking temperature and time, but also the type of heat: rotating or static heat. It is very useful for successfully baking pastries!

Anne S.
I consider myself more of a beginning baker; I lack confidence in myself. I wanted to buy a book that was clear and easy to understand. I hesitated a lot because I cannot afford to buy them all but I chose this recipe book for its price and because I was able to see on the site an example of the content. It completely met my expectations, it is great! I have only compliments on the pastries I make with this e-book, I am even asked if I do not want to convert or open my own shop. Why not? I’m more than thrilled!


Photos of what you will be able to make, thanks to the e-book

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