Who am I?

Gregory Taounhaer, professional and expert in French pastry.

Gregory Taounhaer French Pastry Chef

my background:

I was following a typical career path. I graduated a degree in biological engineering and then, after a few years of professional experience, continued my sturdies and graduated with a master’s degree in web marketing. In total, I worked for 10 years until my last employer decided to close up shop due to economic reasons. I took the opportunity to question my career and my choice of life.

I thought about what I really wanted to do with my life

Continue in a career that I did not enjoy or take a risk and change paths? If I chose to change paths, what did I want to do?

I found baking:

Since I was a child, I baked. I loved to make, eat and share all kinds of sweets. I would never have imagined that it could be my profession.
Then, I decided to do a professional reconversion and pass the pastry CAP1. I did a 1 year professional work-study training at a prestigious French school: l’école de boulangerie et de pâtisserie de Paris.
Diploma in hand, I set off for Thailand with my wife and child and opened a tea room in Chiang Mai. While I faced many obstacles organizational problems, professional baking in a hot and humid environment, raw materials that do not correspond to European standards, marketing, etc. I was always able to find solutions and overcome them.

After an accident at work, I began writing e-books:

One day, while cleaning my pastry lab, I put my hand in a laminator, very big machine to create the layers of dough needed for puff pastry (croissants, etc). I am still a little handicapped and therefore cannot make my pastries as efficiently as before. So, I made the decision to close my shop.
Nevertheless, I did not let this get me down! I decided to transmit my know-how. I love sharing and helping others. So I wrote a book aimed at helping amateurs to pass the French Pastry CAP as a free candidate (without going through a professional school). On the strength of the success of this first e-book (that has helped many candidates to get their CAP), I decided to write a second, including some of the recipes of the first e-book but more accessible to amateurs who want to make beautiful pastries, just like the pros. So that’s how the e-book came to be: “Recipe book – The Secrets of a French Pastry Chef for making amazing French pastries!”. Now you know everything about me, almost!

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